Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy:

This Privacy Policy outlines NatureFlip’s approach to Data Protection and Privacy to fulfil its obligations under the laws and regulations. This Privacy Policy applies to your Personal Data processed by us, whether in any mode-physical or digital. While you browse the platform, you agree to be bound by this Privacy Policy. You agree to be governed by the laws of India but not restricted to the laws applicable to data protection and privacy. If you find the Privacy Policy unsuitable per your convenience, we suggest you not access our website. We consider data privacy a serious matter, and our customers must know what we do with their Personal Data. We play the role of Data Controller when we collect and process your Personal Data. We also play the role of Data Processor when we collect and process your Personal Data on behalf of another Data Controller.


Our customers are our priority, and we commit to protecting your privacy. Hence, Personal Data handling practices are continually reviewed to ensure adherence to privacy laws and regulations. The information we learn and gather from you- personal or otherwise is used to register you and verify your identity to permit you to use the app. We also consider maintaining the data to facilitate, process the payments, communicate with you, allow you to stay updated with promotional offers, services, or updates, and keep your account with us. Additionally, we use this information to customise your experience and improve us. We receive and store any information you provide while using our website or any other way. You can choose whether to offer or not certain information, but then you become unable to use our website.

Information We Collect From About You:

We only are eligible to store and receive certain types of information, allowing us to interact with you. We use 'cookies' to obtain certain types of information when you browse or access our services. We may store/receive information regarding your location and your mobile device and the unique identifier for your device. We also use the information for internal analysis and assist you with location-based services such as search results, advertising, and other personalised content.

Categories And Use Of Personal Data:

There are different categories wherein Personal data is collected and processed.

Demographic and Identity Data:

Open data- Information available about you, openly available on the internet Contact Details-Name, shipping address, contact details, and e-mail address. Other details-Transaction amounts, card number, card type, and bank name.

Technical Data:

Location details-IP address, where you connect a computer to the internet, logs Communication Details- Metadata, Personal Data- e-mails, instant messages, calls, and SMS Technical details-device information, location, network carrier Usage data details- use of our website, web-based properties, pages viewed, etc.


Using our website or providing you with information, you consent to collecting and using the information you disclose while accessing our website by the Privacy Policy.